Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well well well it's been forever since I posted and so much has happened!!

I've been working at the horse barn, school, friends, and of course hanging with two horses, Cocoa and Dixie. :)

Today I took Cocoa out with Michelle and Ace and we went for a lovely ride on the backroad and the trails. We didn't see a single snowmobile and the trails were groomed. Ace and Cocoa got along great this time and they had a blast cantering through all the snow together. Had a lovely cantering stretch on the way home. :D

Then tonight I took Cocoa out for a moonlit ride. :) It was AMAZING...and amazingly cold. I just hopped on bareback again..but left her blanket on and we just rode all around the neighborhood and on the backroad. Lots of fun! :)

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Horsie Update

I've been riding Cocoa quite a bit lately! Decided to get my priorities straight this last week..horses before homework. lol :) We've gotten some really great rides in! I've been taking Dixie for bike rides, walks, and for runs with me.

Working on the weekends at a horse barn! Keeping me busy!

Halloween tonight! ;) Trick or Treating for the Food shelf! :)

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello! goodness time sure flys when one is busy busy busy. I realized I have been really neglecting my blog lately and finally decided it is dang time I do a post, if not just a quick update.

School has officially begun and is in full swing that is for sure. Bring on the homework. My college classes are definitely keeping me on my toes and up to my head in homework and assignments.

I've been working at Joni's. She has four horses, Sy, Suni, Ben, and Steele. I clean stalls, drive the BIG GREEN TRACTOR (love it!), and get to help feed and bed, etc. I really love it! Joni is the best!

I've been riding Cocoa quite a bit and when it was warm we were making many trips and venturing down to play in the river. Lately, however, the weather has been rainy and cold! Last weekend Michelle got a new horse that she is trying out, Hannah, and Cocoa and I braved the elements and rode in the drizzling sprinkle then rain with her and Hannah. It was fun but chilly! I'm just glad I didn't get sick. Dixie is doing great! I've been riding her a little bit and just taking her for walks. I bought the girls a Jolly ball to play with but they haven't shown much interest towards it.

The girls really miss me. I feel awful. School has kept me so busy and I would much rather spend my time with them. I'm trying to balance everything but it is definitely piling up. I need to trim both the girl's hooves so that is on my list next now that my foot is healed from my fall while taking Cocoa for a walk and tripping in a gopher hole. lol Oh my. But it still hurts sometimes..and I haven't attempted to over stress it much. Ugh..why did I have to trip and hurt it? What a pain.

That is pretty much what has been happening...

I work tomorrow..bright and there at 7:30 am..yep I'd say it's about time to call it a night! :)

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Riding in the Rain

Decided to take Cocoa out for a nice ride cause I thought the rain was I was wrong. We got totally soaked..on the way home. I had to put my phone in my boot to prevent it from getting wet and ruined. Nice ride though..other than the getting drenched part..

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More riding...Dixie highlights!

Michelle and I went out for a ride today. It was just beautiful out...Cocoa and Ace did so well. We had a lot of fun. I went through a berry tree and got red berry juice all over!! We had a nice gallop on the stretch of the trails.

Later, I rode Dixie to Anna's to pick up Fran's sweatshirt. Justin biked along with. Dixie did AH-mazing!! We stopped and visited a little kid that was so excited to see a 'pony'. Dixie thought my hat was so cool when we stopped and I was standing by her. She kept trying to eat it off my head. On the way home Dixie and I raced Justin at a nice canter ALONG the side of the road!! He insists he won..but I believe Dixie would say differently. I even RODE her across the bridge.

That's my little three year old. She just amazes me more and more each day. ;)

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Riding with Wendy

Got to go hang out with Wendy, Ginger, and Rusty! We had a fun time hitting up the dirt roads and the trails. The horses were so good!!

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Dixie and Cocoa checking out Storm and Cloud's feeder...

Cocoa and Dixie butts!
Dixie sniffing noses with Ty. She liked him. ;)
Dixie and Tyrone

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Picture's Galore from our Trip!!

Cocoa jealous that Dixie is paying Ty so much attention.
Cloud and Storm

Cocoa and Dixie. SO shiny!!

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Trip to Joan's!!

Dixie and Cocoa snuffling along.
Dixie and Ty. She wasn't sure what to think of him at this point...
Cocoa and Me, Dixie and Joan Just ARRIVED! ;)

Ready to go!!
Cocoa checking out the view from her trailer window.

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Thursday, July 2, 2009

...And they're off!

Woke up a bit late today...Whoops. Stayed up too late working on a wolf woodburning. ;)

I took baby Dixer's out for a walk/ride! We boogied out and I just walked with her for a ways..the bugs were horrid. Then after letting her munch for a while I hopped on her bareback. We cantered a good stretch and then just walked, trotted, and cantered along the highway. She's pretty dang good about traffic! :)

We played with is she getting on her toes with this. As soon as I use my seat to stop...she stops! That's my baby! Turning is a little harder for her to grasp..she's a little heavy yet. I need to teach her to neck rein..that should be interesante. Other than that..I haven't been focusing on riding with her that for her to be doing this well..I'm super pleased. No bucks..

On the way back we met up with mom who was biking. So Dixie and I trotted to keep up with her...and then she offered a super slow canter along the road. It was beautiful. ;)

I'm so proud of the baby she's really growing up!

Trimmed both the girls today. That's 8 hooves! I had to wear long sleeves and gloves..the whole works because I didn't want to take the chance of getting posion ivy. Have it already and hate it. That took a while..and it was hot out today..of course..I should have done them yesterday when it was unusually cool out.

Brought the trailer up front again..the horses were whinnying like crazy...not sure where they thought they were going to get to go?!? lol

Packing for tomorrow..for Joans! I'm so excited to get to trailer the horses up there..and then have my girls visit with Ty, Storm, Cloud, and little Gabby! This should make for an interesting week. Cocoa knows them...but Dixie's never met them before. I'm really hoping Dixie and Stormy hit it off and romp around the pasture and PLAY! :)

We're trailering out and leaving bright and early tomorrow morning! :)

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Babysitting little Theo!

Bounce Theo Bounce!

Happy baby!

He can sit up!


Babysat Theo for a couple hours today. He's gonna be a little horse guy before we know it. :) Michelle hopes his first word will be "Pony!" :) He's a cutie.

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Extremely Long Trail Ride...

I woke up so early today!! haha 7 am on the dot. Let the girls out and they got to eat in the pasture when it was nice and cool. Then I grabbed Miss Cocoa and we headed out on the trails. The loggers were back there again....taking all our trees..and messing up the trails! Ugh..

We went SO far! All the way to Ann Lake...and had to follow the highway back. I was starved so I ate wild raspberries...hopefully I won't die from

Later on I rode baby Dixie. Unexpected ride! :) Found a birdie....

Will expand later... :)

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie